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Investment of time on Training:    40 Hr

Training Options

Regular Track: 2 Hours a Day (Available in weekdays only)
Fast Track: 4 Hours a Day (Available in weekdays and Weekends)
Superfast Track: 8 Hours a Day (Available in weekdays only)

Course contents:
1. Get Started with the GNOME Graphical Desktop
2. Manage File Graphically with Nautilus
3. Get Help in a Graphical Environment
4. Configure Local Services
5. Manage Physical Storage I
6. Manage Local Volumes
7. Monitor System Resources
8. Manage System Software
9. Get Started with Bash
10. Get Help in a Textual  Environment
11. Establish  Network Connectivity
12. Administer Users and Groups
13. Secure Linux File Access
14. Administer Remote Systems
15. Configure General Services
16. Manage Physical Storage II
17. Install Linux Graphically
18. Manage Virtual Machines
19. Control the Boot Process
20. Deploy File Sharing Services
21. Secure Network Services
22. Comprehensive Review