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Course contents PHP Training:
PHP Training Duration = 90 Hours

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- Object based & Object Oriented Programming
- Three Tier Architecture
- HTML & significance of HTML in web development
- What is CSS & how it is helpful
- Database & its properties
- Difference between DBMS & RDBMS
- Why PHP is called server side scripting language
- Why it is useful in web development
- What are type shape & type loose languages

Language Constructors

- Tags in PHP
- Data types in PHP
- Resource Management
- Constants & Variables
- Simple variable declaration
- Dynamic Variables
- Checking type of variables
- Changing type of variables

Loops Operators
- Precedence of operators
- Associativity of operators
- Operator types
- Identical & Comparison Operator

String Declaration Arrays

- What is an array
- Why we use arrays instead of simple methods
- Types of arrays
- Indexed Array
- Indexed array declaration
- How to print single element from an array
- How to print every value present in an array
- General functions related to arrays
- Associative Array
- Associative array declaration
- How to single element from an associative array
- How to print every value present in an associative array
- General functions related to associative array

Mixed Array

- Mixed array declaration

File Handling

- Creating a file
- Opening a file
- Reading a file
- Writing into a file
- Closing a file
- Deleting a file
- Checking size of a file
- Checking existence of a file
- Sending the pointer to a particular location in a file
- Finding the current location of a pointer
- Check whether file contents end or not
- Locate the pointer at the beginning of file
- File locking
- File Uploading and File Downloading

- Isset, is_null & empty functions
- Call by value & call by reference
- Local & Global Variables
- Pre & Post Increment & Decrement Operators
- Static Variables
- Global Keyword
- Types of Errors
- Methods for sending requests to server
- Super Global Variables
- Include & Require
- Explode & Implode
- String & Array Remaining Functions
- Header Function
- SQL Introduction
- Connecting to MySQL
- Creating a database in MySQL via script
- Selecting a database
- Dropping a database
- Creating tables
- Inserting into tables
- Modifying a table
- Updating values in a table
- Renaming
- Grant & Revoke Functions
- Closing Connections
- Triggers
- Joins
- Fetching data from MySQL Database


- What is a session
- Initializing session variables
- Retrieving values from session variables
- Destroying session variables


- What is a cookie
- Types of cookies
- Initializing Cookie
- Variables Retrieving cookie variables
- Destroying a cookie

Introduction to MySQL

- Datatypes, Constraints
- Select, Orderby, Limit
- Functions - Number, Date, Character, Control Flow
- Joins,
- Groupby,
- Having, Subquery,
- Indexing
- Insert
- Update
- Delete
- Data Fetch

Working with Regular Expressions

- preg & ereg functions
- Email validation
- String pattern matching
- PCRE expression

Working with XML
- The Extensible Markup Language (XML)
- Creating an XML Document
- Simple XML
- Parsing XML Documents
- Accessing Children and Attributes
- XPath Queries
- Modifying XML Documents
- Working With Namespaces
- Loading and Saving XML Documents

Java Script
- What Is JavaScript?
- A Short History
- ECMA Script 3
- The Document Object Model (DOM)
- The Browser Object Model (BOM)
- Syntax
- Variables
- Functions
- All about Events
- Cross Browsing

- Understanding Web Site Design Structure
- Table Structure
- Div Structure
- Iframe Structure
- Working with DIV tag


- What is CSS?
- Types Of CSS
- Types Of Selectors
- Hierarchal CSS


- 3 Assignments / Mini Projects
- 1 Web-based Project
- 1 Major Project

Advance Php

Object Oriented Concepts in PHP
- Public, Private & Protected
- $this keyword
- Constructors & Destructors
- Polymorphism
- Overloading
- Operator Overloading
- Function Overloading
- Overriding
- Inheritance
- Abstract Class & Methods
- Interface
- Final Class
- Exception
- Checked Exception
- Unchecked Exception
Communicating with Internet Services
- Sending Internet Mail
- Project: Sending an E-mail with a Mail Class
- Reading Mail with IMAP or POP3
- Getting and Putting Files with FTP
- Performing DNS Lookups
- Checking Whether a Host Is Alive
- Getting Information About a Domain Name